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March 31, 2019

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Interview for Ten Furlongs Magazine. Super Saturday issue


Fashion, Turf and Fillies On The Field @Meydan

09 March 2019

 With the DWCC in full swing, fashion is on the minds of many. Everyone is already planning their Dubai World Cup day outfit. The special focus this week is on Fashion Accessory Trends


Ten Furlongs interviews Dubai based fashion designer Ameerah Kurbatova and milliner Evelyn Mc Dermott to find out more about trendy racewear in the UAE.


Q: Shield and Sporty types of sunglasses have risen to the top of the eyewear trends.



Do you expect to see a lot on the race course this year?

A: It is such a big trend right now, but still, I do not think we will see a lot of Sporty types of sunglasses on a race course. In racing traditionally people wear very smart fashionable clothes, and of course, all accessories should be suitable for an outfit. There is a lot of options in different design, like cat eye sunglasses or round ones, which is very fashionable and more suitable for a race course.

Q: What about sunglasses with Patterns and Extreme Bling? How do you feel these sunglasses will

fit into the formal setting at Meydan? What kind of dresses would suit these trends?

A: Again it is all about your outfit and what are you wearing. Of course, I wouldn't recommend wearing Dolce & Gabbana flashy eyewear with big letters on top. But it all depends on which section of the race course you are in. For the public area, you can be a little more trendy than in the paddock. Regarding the type of dresses, it is all individual, but remember the main rule- only one detail should bling in your outfit. If you want to wear flashy sunglasses, keep your preference for a simple dress.


Q: What eyewear comes in numerous colours. With the sun shining brightly at Meydan, which

colours would you recommend?

A: I would recommend first decide on your outfit and then choose your accessory accordingly your dress or suit. Try to match everything, mixing warm colours with warm ones, cold with cold ones. when you look at the mirror all your details should be equally fitting in the look. You can play and break your outfit with bright details, such as a bag, shoes or jewellery, but only in case, you have a simple dress.

Q: What are the four jewellery trends you would recommend for this Spring?

A: The Hope earrings trend has come back again. I recommend getting some pieces of jewellery containing a star like earrings or necklaces. Also, asymmetrical earrings are fashionable these days as well as Pearl jewellery and bobby pins with pearls


Q: What kinds of footwear trends are at the top of the runway trends this Spring Summer? And

what would you suggest as appropriate for the soft turf and cobbled pathways at Meydan?

A: This season all designers are concentrating on comfort footwear. Even if it heels, they are with thick heel. I would recommend choosing something you can wear a whole day and be comfortable. If you don't want to wear heels, loafers or platform will be a good option. But avoid slippers or sports shoes, those are not appropriate for such an event.




Q: And finally, from the oversized and unstructured to the structured reinterpretation of the classic

trunk have all be seen as top fashion trends this year? What do you recommend for a day at the races? And what do you think about ladies carrying Playful-Objects Bags and Belt Bags?

A: Belt bags should be worn with a suitable outfit. I would concern it is more high street fashion than smart casual. For a racing day, you can carry something not big, classy shape and it might be with a stripe to make it easier for you to wear it.


Q: Veils have steadily been gaining ground under the limelight for the last few fashionable seasons. Do you think, veiled hats will be a spring/ summer 2019 hat trends or do you think we will still see a bevvy of wide-brimmed hats?

A: I think veiled hat have never lost their value. The renaissance of the veil has been steadily growing over the past few seasons and it is a welcome trend that is certain to continue in 2019, I see this continuing into the winter season also. A veil adds a touch of elegance to any hat and a sense of mystique. The wide-brimmed hat is very much a feature in the current season and a new twist to the wide brim has been the untraditional addition of veiling in all shapes and forms; this is a wonderful way to marry two great trends, vintage and modern.


Q: What about its cousin ‘Bee-Keeper’ hats? Do you think they will suit the warm Dubai racecourse?

A: The hats typically worn at the Dubai World Cup are created in straw like fabrics, and lighter materials used mostly in summer climates. With a huge array of colours that are easily noticeable at such a prestigious event, Dubai World Cup is definitely a fantastic platform to show off your most creative, flamboyant hat.


Q: Bucket Hats and Wide Brimmed Floppy Hats have also clear resurgence since nearly disappearing altogether post ‘90s era fashion. Do you think that such ‘easy comfort’ hats be suitable as racecourse attire?

A: Bucket Hats and Floppy hats, can be better placed in a more relaxed setting and they are indeed very comfortable and easy to wear. There are guidelines as to what suitable racing attire is, all this information can be found on the Dubai Racing Club website. For such a celebrated event as the Dubai World Cup, more formal attire is the norm, as it is befitting to the dress code and culture or nature of the event.

Q: What millinery trends do you recommend keeping in mind when shopping for the Dubai World Cup this year?

A: I personally love the large brim hat. They are strong, elegant and also great in the sunshine here in Dubai.  The popular boater hat style continues to be in great demand this season. We also have seen a great surge in the request for 'crown' style headpieces since the Met Gala in NYC last year. However, the British Royal Family is a leading example of how to fashion a classic smaller hat with great elegance.


For ladies visiting Dubai for the World Cup, they will find a wide variety of styles at the GÁLA by Ameera and Evelyn Mc Dermott Millinery pop up shop at the Meydan Hotel, by the reception. Bespoke hats and dresses are available by appointment. For more information please contact - www.galabyameera.com; Instagram @gala_byameera and Galabyameera@gmail.com





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