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March 31, 2019

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Interview for 5th issue of The Impact Magazine

February 22, 2019




Fashion, Turf and Fillies On The Field @Meydan

21 February 2019


With the DWCC in full swing, fashion is on the minds of many. Everyone is already planning their Dubai World Cup day outfit.


The special focus this week is on Materials, Fabrics, Colours and Prints

Ten Furlongs interviews Dubai based fashion designer Ameerah Kurbatova to find out more about racing attire in the UAE.

Q: With Dubai World Cup just around the corner, what should a racegoer’s materials and textiles’ strategy be for Spring 2019 when she is out shopping for a new World Cup dress?

A: Since during the period of the World cup the weather becomes warm, I would advise choosing lighter fabrics, such as cotton, silk or crepe. Of course, I have to mention tweed fabric, as it is timeless and very classy.


The new collection of GÁLA by Ameera, which will be presented soon on the website, is made of light- and mid-weight fabrics, but at the same time well-holding forms. Spring/Summer 19 gives us a great opportunity to play with colours! All shades of red will be relevant, as well as orange-red, yellow, princess blue, light green, pink and lavender are all actual colours of the season.


The dress itself can be any shape. Naturally, we must remember that it is better to choose the length till the knee, as mini or long length is not appropriate at the races. The main rule to follow, if you choose a bright hat, it is better to give preference to a simpler cut of the dress.


Q: If one is buying their own materials & textiles for a self-designed race day outfit how can she curate the fabric/ material selection? What are the kinds of materials would be suitable for a busy afternoon and a colder evening? 

A: I would recommend speaking to your designer or tailor before you go for fabric shopping. First of all, try to understand what kind of total look you want to achieve. Think about each detail, as what kind of shoes, hat, bag or jewellery you want to wear. It will make simpler to choose a fabric for your future outfit.

Choose fabric what feels good to your body, contains a good amount of natural fibre. Check how easily it gets cramped, it is very important to look perfect for such a long day.


Q: Animal prints are very fashionable these days. But do you think its something we can expect to see at Meydan?

A: Animal print is absolute hit of Spring Summer 19 but I believe you should be very careful wearing it on such a big event as World Cup. It is better to keep it in details, choose animal print in accessories or hat. In this way, it will add spice to your look and will not weigh down at the same time.


Q: What prints and graphics would you recommend for women at the Dubai World Cup?

A: I recommend these timeless prints

- Polka dots are a fun design element that pairs wonderfully with all kinds of garments, be they a dress, a jumpsuit or a classic suit. All depends what color and shape!

- Checks are also great. It could be worn either as a total look or just as a jacket.

- Flowers look attractive in all colours and shades (One of my favourite dress in new GALA by Ameera SS'19 collection is white shirt -dress which is slightly oversized with barely visible flower print on it, made of fine Indian cotton.*)

- If you decided to choose silk for your dress, silk scarf prints will be a perfect alternative for a dress.

-Plaids. Despite plaid associate with conservative fashion, in this Spring/Summer 19 we can see how gratefully it comes back in new forms and colours.

-Stripes. Going every way. A mixture of horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes each and every colour.

-Star prints and accessories - I am personally in love with star trend, and soon you can see our signature white jacket with stars in GÁLA by Ameera Spring/ Summer'19 collection.


GALA by Ameera Spring/Summer 19 collection is dedicated to horse racing. We decided to do a collaboration with Milliner Evelyn McDermott and create for Ladies "total look" collection what includes 16 outfits and 16 hats.


*16 total looks for Super Saturday and World Cup soon will be presented on website galabyameera.com









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